Epoxy resins & hardeners

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin depends on the structure in its physical form as viscous liquid or high melting solid. The addition of hardeners forms an end product with a combination of properties, which make them very valuable epoxy materials for many industries. Resin additives which obtain specific properties are:

  • Diluents for reducing the viscosity which are used in the construction sector or for coatings that cure even at low temperatures
  • Additives for improving the breakage and tensile strength
  • Pigments for paint coloring

Our Partner:
huntsman The company Interchem Handels GmbH works with Eposy resins since beginn of their company foundation. First with company Ciba Geigy, now, after several takeovers leaded by company Huntsman Advanced Materials from Basel (Switzerland). Interchem is proud of the long lasting and good business cooperation, where we are responsible for selling and technical support in the region of Ex- Jugoslavija. Huntsman is one of the leading producers with a big assortiment of amines and alkyl carbonates.

  • Paint industry: coating- and colours, bades on epoxy, are often used as anticorrosive primer or top coat e.g. for the outdoor paint of boats, storage tanks and oil platforms.
  • Chemical industry: e.g. for coating of pipes and storage tanks due to their distinktive chemical resistance
  • Building sector: Epoxy resins are very popular in the building sector, because they have an excellent adhesiveness on steel and concrete. They have become indispensable for repairs in the construction.
  • Structural and civil engineering: e.g. for heavy duty floors, which are anti-slip, abrasion proof and easy to clean. Epoxy resin systems have a double higher comprehensive strength and a twenty time higher tensile strength than normal concrete

The Trademark for epoxy resins produced by Huntsman Advanced Materials is Araldit and for hardener it is Aradur.

More informations:

For further information and technical support (technical data sheet and material safety data sheet) please visit the website: www.huntsman.com/corporate/a/Home