Additives for asphalt mixtures

What is aspha-min®?

aspha-min® is a synthetic zeolite (sodium aluminium silicate) and thus may be considered a synthetic mineral. As a free flowing, viscosity changing additive aiming at the manufacture of warm mixed asphalt, it is also being used to modify hot mixed asphalt in order to overcome adverse laying conditions in road construction. It temporarily causes the asphalt mix to be smoother and thus improves compaction at a lower temperature. It appears as fine-granulated and is not soluble in water.


In recent years, increasing demands on the road infrastructure required the development of both high performance yet demanding products for asphalt road construction. At the same time, construction periods needed to be shortened in order to keep work site induced closing times at bay. aspha-min® is both a result and an answer to any such challenges.

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mhi The company Interchem Handels GmbH is a partner of MHI Stone & Building Service GmbH from Wächtersbach, Germany.


For clearly reduced emissions from the bitumen, the use in warm mixed asphalt aims at health and safety issues. Furthermore, it also reduces the thermal stressing of adjacent steel parts like bridges and tramway tracks. The use in hot mixed asphalt aims at increasing the time available for compaction under adverse conditions (cold weather, wind, high modulus mix designs, long distance hauling). The use of aspha-min® gives good and best results where any of these aspects would normally imperil the desired compaction.
With the easiest possible way of dosing (directly into the mixing drum with a feeder or meltable bags – no additional tanks needed!) at 0,3% per ton and at about the same time as the injection of the bitumen, the introduction of aspha-min® causes a finely dispersed water vapour. These micro bubbles produce micro pores in the bitumen leading to a temporarily decreased viscosity in the mix and henceforth to a compactability that would normally require a temperature of ~30 °C higher. aspha-min® does not extend the time needed for mixing and is compatible with any type of mix design, regardless of bitumen and rate of RAP in use.


Monitoring of work sites with rd. 30 °C reduction in mixing temperature showed a reduction in fossil fuel consumption of rd. 20 – 30 % and consequently reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides during manufacture as well as fumes and odour during laying. Not only does aspha-min® improve the properties of asphalt during production, transportation and application. It also increases the time available for paving and compaction without changing any characteristics of the bitumen, such as penetration or ring and ball unchanged.

Packaging and storage: asphaminsack

aspha-min® is available in big bags or meltable bags. Please make sure the product is kept in dry places in order to guarantee easy handling and good quality.

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