Asphalt color pigments

What are color pigments for the asphalt industry?

Colour pigments or dyes such as red, yellow, orange, black, etc., are iron oxide pigments for the production of colored asphalt.


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bps The company Interchem Handels GmbH is a partner of the company BPS Baustoffprüf- und Handels GmbH from Salzkotten, Germany.

casinoVelden Usage:

The usage of the color pigments in the asphalt industry is recently getting more frequent in the road sector. The increasing demands of investors to design the appearance of the built objects in the landscape are pushing forward the use of colored asphalt. In combination with transparent bitumen, the color pigments in bags are added into the mixer to color the transparent bitumen.


The addition of color pigments during the production (addition by melting bags) in the transparent bitumen gives the bitumen its color. With the combination of the stone basic colors, can be this way produced the desired end color of the mixture can so be produced.

Packaging and storage:

The pigments are supplied in melting plastic bags. The exact size of the packaging is a customer wish and is related to the actual formulation and the mixing capacity.

More informations:

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