Cold asphalt


What is aspha-plast®?

asphaplastprodukt It is a mixture of high-quality chippings and special bitumen and has been developed for the usage as a cold asphalt.
It is ideal for redevelopment of acute cases of damage, like potholes and frost bucklings, caused due to the weather (thaw). Temporary it quickly contains the damage on the road.

Our Partner:
mhi The company Interchem Handels GmbH is a partner of MHI Stone & Building Service GmbH from Wächtersbach, Germany.

Usage: aspahplastverwendung

Main usage is in the sector road building, expecially in maintenance or servicing of road surfaces. The usage does not require any special tools and with notice to our product instruction it is very easy to use. With aspha-plast®, drill core holes or excavations, can be closed in a quick and easy way. It also can be used for connections, adjustments or manhole covers. The installation temperature is between -10°C and +30°C.


aspha-plast® is also characterized as a material, offering requirements for rapid navigability, high stability, recyclability and environmental safety.

Packaging and storage::

The product can be delivered in buckets or sacks à 25 kg. So there is a minimum of effort for transport and usage. If required, aspha-plast® can also be delivered in bulks (lose). Shelf life of the product is approx. 12 months in packaging and 6 months in bulks (lose).

More informations:

For further information and technical support (technical data sheet and material safety data sheet) please follow this link