Natural bitumen

755x370__images_pics_gilsonite-bitumen What is Gilsonite®?

Gilsonite® is a high-strength bitumen modifier and proven for road surfaces after hot asphalt princip. It is a 99,9% pure natural hydrocarbon without proper filler content and with a melting point at about 150°C. It is a natural bitumen, a petroleum-based solid state, which gets along very well with petroleum bitumen. In the mixture of bitumen and Gilsonite®, it takes to the hardness and durability of the Gilsonite®, but also retains the flexibility of the bitumen. Thereafter, the low-temperature properties are not affected, it delays grain outbreaks and increases the resistance to deformation of the road construction. Gilsonite® is a cost efffective and technically viable alternative compared to the use of PmB bitumen.

Our Partner:
americangilsonite The company Interchem Handels GmbH is partner of the companies Gilsonite from Utah, USA and ACT- Advanced Chemical Trading from Gumpoldskrichen, Austria. ACT is the general distributer and main storage-operator for Gilsonite® in Europe.


Gilsonite® especially offers solutions for problem areas in road surfaces with exposure to static (point loading) or slow moving loads.
For example:

  • road charge barriers
  • exits
  • tight curves
  • crossroads
  • mastix sealings
  • runways on airports
  • container terminals
  • car parks
  • bus stops
  • harbor facilities
  • truck loading terminals
  • inclines and declines


Further it also solves the problem of rutting:

  • truck lanes
  • racetracks
  • runways on airports
  • facings on federal motorway
  • asphalt overlays on national highways

Usage is simple and practical. Due to its oil base, it can be either added (melt) earlier in the bitumen or it may be added to the mixture at the asphalt plant (mixer).

  • Splitt mastic asphalt (SMA)
  • Asphalt Concrete (AC)
  • Mastic Asphalt (MA)

What is the difference between Gilsonite® and other natural asphalts:

Gilsonite® avoids, compared to other bitumen modifiers which also impart harness, formation of low-temperature cracking. This means an imporovement of the road stability properties. Because of its purity, a significant improvement in rigidity, resistance and viscosity is visible, if you only replace 8-10% of the effective bitumen content.

Packaging and storage:

Gilsonite® can be delivered in meltable bags of 500 and 1.000 kg (big bags).

More informations:

For further information and technical support (technical data sheet and material safety data sheet) please follow this link: