Dilatation joints for bridges

PRODUKTOBEN What is FALCON – asphalt mixture?

Falcon is a highly polymerised, uniform quality, factory-made asphalt mixture that has the properties of sealing masses and mastic asphalt, with a high percentage highly polymerized bituminous binders, special additives and suitable grain.

Our partner:
heatrock Company Interchem Handels GmbH is a partner of the company Heat Rock Kohgyo Heat Co., Ltd. from Nigata City, Japan and represents the Falcon system (Seamless expansion joints with the Falcon asphalt mass) in Europe.

  • Bridging structures spanning up to 50m, allowed movement 40mm ± 20mm
  • Rehabilitations of existing structures
  • New constructions
Advantages of dilatation joints – Falcon Systems:
  • Simple and quick installation (shorter installation times and less costly traffic closures)
  • Execution is possible on semi-closed roads
  • transverse or longitudinal installation in any lenghts
  • dilatation joints allow for embedding asphalt layers of any width and thickness
  • drivers and the enviroment of the bridging structure exposed to no vibrations or disturbing noise generated by the passage of vehicles – continuos contact
  • Falcon is a prefabricated mixture (packaged in 20kg bags) that ensures uniform quality irrespective of the working conditions in the embedding process (temperature, humidity, mixing ratio)
  • In winter conditions, salt ingress into the structure is not possible – watertightness
  • No limitations imposed on winter maintenance, i.e. snow ploughing (there is no contact)
  • Dilatation joints do not require water drainage
  • A variant allowing drainage is also possible, where porous asphalt is incorporated into the wearing course of the pavement
  • Simple replacement at the time of overlaying the wearing course on the structure
Packaging and storage: ListeFalconFabrikFertigeMasse

Falcon asphalt mixture is pre- assembled and delivered in 20 kg bags. Storage should take place in dry areas and not be exposed to direct sunlight, to ensure an unlimited storage duration.

More informations:

Further technical informations you can find in our product catalog and in the demonstration video about the installation itself.

Falcon – for the safety and comfort on the roads!