Anti sticking & cleaning agent


VEGETAL BIOTEC is a 100% organic and therefore an environmentally friendly product made from vegetable oil esters, which was developed specifically for the replacement of conventional release agent products in the road building industry such as fuel, mineral oils and canola oils. It is compatible with plastic or rubber parts, paint, or with elastomers. It is 100% biodegradable, not water pollutant and can be diluted with water.

Laudable properties of VEGETAL BIOTEC:

  • Non-flammable
  • Contains no solvents and volatile substances
  • Contains no carcinogenic and mutagenic substances
  • Does not contain any toxic, harmful or corrosive substances
  • Is fully biodegradable (OECD 301B test)
  • 100% vegetable origin

Our Partner:
vegetal Company INTERCHEM Handels GmbH is partner of the company VEGETAL BIOTEC from Clermont, France.


VEGETAL BIOTEC is used as a release agent, or as a cleaning agent in the road construction industry. Because of its biological property can be therefore also diluted with water (50-70%) and used as a release agent, pure it is for cleaning shoes, tools, parts and mixing, for example, Spray of emulsions.

Release agent VEGETAL BIOTEC VIA 3000
  • Transport vehicles (loading platforms of trucks,…)
  • Basket of asphalt pavers
  • Basket of mixer for asphalt mixtures
  • Transportparts for recycled material
Cleaning agent VEGETAL BIOTEC VIA 5000
  • Asphalt paving equipment (asphalt pavers, rollers, tools, shoes …)
  • Mixing plant (mixer, pipes, tools, bitumen stations….)

Packaging and storage:

VEGETAL BIOTEC can be depended the required amount, delivered in 20 liters (Bidons), 200 liters (barrel) and 1000 liters (container). The product should not be exposed to the direct sunlight.

More informations:

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