PVA-gel Carrier


PVA Gel is bio carrier used for the enhanced effect of wastewater treatment and contributes to the conservation of nature. PVA Gel is formed as 4mm large bead, with a specific gravity of 1.025mm ± 0.01mm and it makes a very good flow with minimal energy consumption. The PVA Gel has a micro pore network with a diameter of 20 µm. The useful bacteria are being enriched in the protective environment, which reduces biomass production and also maintains the wastewater treatment stability with a capacity of 25kg BOD5 (m3-gel-day) and more than 3 kg N (m3-gel-day).

Our Partner:
kuraray The company Interchem Handels GmbH is a partner of the company KURARAY CO. Ltd., of Tokyo, Japan. Through decades of development, the company Kurray is among the one of the first companies in the world, created quality PVA Gel beads with efficient waste water treatment system, which also allows lower investment and lower operating costs of waste water treatment plants.


The PVA Gel for the PVA MBBR wastewater treatment process used in Japan, and now breaking into the world market as a system for the construction and renovation of wastewater treatment plants, where higher outputs are desired with the same external dimensions. As such only, it allows an extension or an upgrading with “zero sluge” process for the complete autolysis of biological sludge, which is now and in the future one of the biggest questions in terms of ecology in the sector of wastewater treatment.


Advantages of the PVA Gel
  • Wastewater treatments with PVA Gel create less sludge compared to a conventional treatment methods
  • Because of its porosity, PVA gel has a large amount of water, allowing an effective transition of oxygen and nutritional values inside the gel balls
  • Polymerized PVA Gel is water insoluble and non-biodegradable
  • Depending on the property of the wastewater the treatment efficiency is up to 5 times greater, compared to conventional technologies. This way, it is an ideal solution for converting and further expansion of the existing system or for the planning of a new optimized floor plan
  • PVA contributes to sludge reduction
Packaging and storage:

The PVA Gel can be delivered in containers with masses of 1m x 1,2m x1,16m. Each container contains 750 liters of PVA Gel.


More informations:

If you need further technical informations about this product related to the wastewater treatment process, we ask you to contact company SC tehnološki inženiring s.p. by Email: stanko.cesen@siol.net or by Phone: +386 31 375 396.

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